Beagle Board - Approved

Under development and community review

In the meantime, visit and the cape page

Approved accesories for BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black

Enclosures, cases and mounting plates


Power supplies

WiFi adapters

How to get approved

There's no charge for being " Approved", just a verification that needs to happen. There's no promise your product will be approved, but we want people to know to use your product if it is of good quality and compatibility.

First, you'll need to send samples of your product to Robert, Drew and Jason at a minimum so that they can test compatibility. Jason will send you shipping addresses and you can find his e-mail address on The product won't be returned because it will be used in testing future compatibility as well.

Second, if any software is required to support your product, you'll need to make sure it is in the default images built by

Finally, you should wait to get a confirmation e-mail from jkridner at with a vector PDF of the logo for inclusion on your website, package or product.

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