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PocketBeagle® Grove Kit

What is PocketBeagle® Grove Kit?

PocketBeagle Grove Kit is an infinitely scalable tool for working with sensors and actuators aimed at helping beginners and professionals alike go from learning programming, Linux and physical computing to developing projects and products on PocketBeagle quickly and conveniently. The kit comes with PocketBeagle and PocketBeagle Grove Cape to connect Grove modules without soldering or stray jumper wires. There are 10 different Grove modules that are pre-installed in an acrylic case, including sensors, displays, LEDs, and buttons, and they are all ready to use with drivers pre-installed. In addition, it contains all the essentials that you need to get started with PocketBeagle, such as USB cable, SD card, and WiFi dongle.


  • Complete set of accessories
  • 10 Grove modules ready to plug in and use
  • Pre-installed software to get started quickly
  • 8 well written tutorials

Learn to use Grove sensors and actuators

Embedded Linux turns physical hardware into files you can simply read and write

Software and tutorials

Hardware info

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