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PocketBeagle® TechLab Cape

What is PocketBeagle® TechLab Cape? PocketBeagle TechLab Cape was designed from lessons-learned in teaching hundreds of individuals getting their first introduction to programming, Linux, and ultimately hacking the kernel itself. TechLab has taken inspiration from the GHI Electronics BrainPad as well as the QWERTY Embedded Design BaconBits Cape, maintaining complete pinout compatibility with BaconBits such that users can follow along with the excellent introduction to Linux kernel programming provided in the Embedded Apprentice Linux Engineer seminars and useful for associated follow-on training available from The Linux Foundation .


  • USB-to-serial (micro B connector)
  • USB host (A connector)
  • Reset button
  • 2 push buttons (L and R) (via GPIO)
  • Light sensor (via ADC)
  • Tri-color LED (via PWM)
  • 2-digit 7-segment display (via SPI)
  • Accelerometer (via I2C)
  • EEPROM (write-protected) (via I2C)
  • mikroBus header

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The LED Backpack

I'd love to say I made this, but I'm way too lazy. I bought it from Aliexpress

It is the mechanical stuff that I really don't want to mess with, but this is the same type of panel supported by PocketScroller.

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